Tuesday, July 29, 2008

today at work

I was forced to decide the price of 1/4 lb. of yeast.  Not dry yeast, but the, it's not called "wet."  "Not-dry yeast."  It's like clay.  A clay of single-celled, budding organisms.  
I decided it was worth $1.50, and I can tell I'm going to spend too much time wondering whether or not it was a fair price for yeast.  The bakery does not usually sell yeast, so when I called R all "what the fuck" he told me to ask the lady what she thought was fair.  But the lady just stared dumbly at me, like, "you should know the price of the yeast."  And so I mumbled a
 few prices, questioningly, low, medium, and high, seeing whic
h one she seemed to favor.  She did not respond.  So I said, a dollar fifty?  
I also realized that the smell in the fridge that really bothers me is the smell of a large box of yeast, bricked in tight packages like the finest imported heroin.

I frosted the brownies we put in mixed four-packs for way too much
 money.  I was alone and bored and it's not a thing I'm "not supposed" to do but I probably wasn't supposed to do it, since the cake girls usually do.  My theme was "unconventional brownies" and I had varied success.  The Good were: peanut butter frosting, peanut bits, and reese's peanut butter cup bits; whipped chocolate frosting and coconut.  The Questionable were: strawberry frosting, strawberry goo, and chocolate chips (the strawberryness was an awesome concept that was just too gross and sweet); maple frosting and bacon bits.
I ended up with about six four-count packages of these brownies, and
 put them in the freezer.  I am somewhat apprehensive that someone will find them and freak out.  ... About the bacon.  Honestly it looks kind of like candy bits and the taste is so masked by the maple that it's just a salty chewy addition.  
After thinking about it for a second just now I've decided Russ's Market patrons are not prepared to deal with bacon on brownies.  I'll have to smuggle them out or destroy them somehow, hopefully nobody will even notice they exist.

This donut is a life goal for me, and I am not a big donut person.  I need to go... to Portland.

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