Thursday, September 25, 2008

wonderful wonderful wonderful

had an excellent birthday dinner at Parthenon with mom & dad.  The waiter was sweet as fuck and, after he accidentally gave me a regular gyro instead of a gyro supreme, bought me a shot of ouzo for my birthday.  :)
My mom gave me some new, nice work-type shirts which I was in dire need of, and some random girly bath/candle things.  So nice, everything was so nice and good.

Now I'm going to chill and watch the newest Project Runway on my computer.  Everything is nice, and everything is good.

I'm fbook-stalking the girl who lives in my building whose internet I am leeching.  She is hell of cute.  I saw her name on her shared folder on the network.  She has decided to steal "my" parking space, so I feel justified in this.  
A transgendered (ftm) dude is coming to talk to my soc class tomorrow; excited.  Gender queers are the coolest.  I would date an FtM in a heartbeat if everything else was right.  I don't care, I'm not ashamed in the least to announce that to the world.  

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