Saturday, September 27, 2008

same old

My cable being turned off almost 2 weeks ago has actually turned out to be refreshing.  I've been downloading torrents of the shows I really want to see, and in effect have filtered out all the shit that I'd put on for "background noise."  

I drank a lot of red wine and had crazy dreams about poetry last night; a "new style" I invented where the letters and words dance across the page not in straight lines, but bobbing gently up and down, mimicking vocal patterns.  This takes the question out of inflection, this gives substance to the abstract un-spokenness.  Etc.  I've been reading aloud for hours and hours at work this week, and have been focusing on my ability to dictate to my (blind) boss in a way so he knows if my vocal pause is a comma, period, parenthetical, heading, etc.  
Thinking about it, it's probably been done before.  In my dream, typesetting was a problem, and I got stressed about cutting and pasting hundreds of tiny letters into these patterns in it and thought "I'll deal with this later," then cruised off to another vignette of dreamland wheeeee.

I have the social problem where, if I don't have an actual, interesting conversation with someone I tend to forget their name and/or face.  It doesn't have to be a conversation; maybe something about the person that catches my attention (a piercing, hairstyle, etc.)  This causes awkwardness, especially in the case of neighbors, or people whom I've had a class with who talk to me outside of the class.  I mention this because I was just in the hallway here and these dudes walked by and said "how's it going" and I was so worried about whether or not I was supposed to know them I just kind of oozed out "It's... ooooh-kayyyy..."  Faces of people I don't know look so generic.  For me, to know someone well enough to remember them is to love them, in a way.  I can only handle loving so much.

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JESS!CA said...

you could totally write that poetry on music paper, like the notebooks with the blank could write symphonic poems, to be read aloud by many

this is jessica btw. i always feel like such a creepster leaving the creepster i-read-yer-blog comment on an entry by itself where i wouldn't have ordinarily commented. so this is like two comments in one.