Friday, September 12, 2008

it's been a long week, folks. let's talk about vaginas.

I saw this link from Megan on Alexis's wall.  I don't even have commentary for you, really.  Just... there it is.  Vagina-car.  I am fully supportive, except that it makes me imagine vaginas talking with German accents, and puppetry/comedy surrounding anthropomorphic genitals generally weirds me out.  

A link from the article:

My favorites include: "hairy axe wound," "mossy cottage," "pink velvet sausage wallet;" "standing room for one."  

Terms I plan to use as soon and as often as possible: "ace of spades," "fig," "bajingo," "deer hoof," "the ineffable," "whisker biscuit;" "magpie's nest."   

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