Saturday, September 6, 2008

Some things about my eyes.

My right eye felt odd all day yesterday.  I put in a brand new contact lens today, and it still feels funny, like I'm wearing a contact with a tear in it.  But I'm not.
Also now my left eye is slightly blurry.

Sometimes I think about how fucked I'd be if I had been born before corrective lenses were invented.  I would be very fucked.

I remember taking out my contacts on acid, WOO BOY that was fun.  I had fly-vision; the world was millions of tiny vibrations in mosaic.  

Because I'm near-sighted, when I don't have contacts in or glasses on I am able to view things extremely close with startling clarity.  This is useful when I'm say plucking my eyebrows or examining my pores, and freaking myself out on acid.

My eyes are kind of a mossy slate blue, like cold water, but can look different depending.

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