Wednesday, September 10, 2008

locust trees

They're cutting down the locust trees by the parking lot next to the Union, the one that's going to be turned into a construction site for a "Multi-cultural Center" for the next few years.
I shouldn't really care, I did not in particular love those locust trees; they were part of my view out of Selleck when I lived there, along with the parking lot, I love the parking lot. I have walked through it times, for years; it's a nice place to park when you're late for a final exam and don't care if you get ticketed. It is a nice place to see that the food for the Chinese restaurant arrives in a giant semi-truck with a red dragon on the side, which is probably why it tastes just like every other cheap Chinese place's food, even though you'll eat it anyway when you've had dreams about crab rangoons again.
I guess projecting my anger onto the Multi-cultural project, which, if I understand correctly, will consist of a computer area/lounge and some offices. If somebody could please explain to me how this will help make things more "Multi-cultural" or help "Multi-cultural" persons in a way the University cannot currently provide, I would very much appreciate it. I think I would be less confused if they had just called it a "Union Expansion."
But anyway, it's strumming my nerves like a lute, drones of depression and high tittering melodies of anxiety.
I hate the pale sour tears in bark. I hate the ferny leaves hanging unnatural, like broken fingers.

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