Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My secret place.

On campus.

I've started having nightmares.  I'll have an unsettling dream once in awhile but not the clawing terrors I've been getting for the past week or so.  Even when I'm miserable for extended periods in the waking world dreams have largely been pleasant for me.  Even tragic scenes had a tint of fun and fantasy and desire.  
They're fears like I've never felt.  Instead of the usual "chased by monsters" or "friend hates me" nightmares I'll feel locked down and clouded for the rest of the day.  In one I remember I was looking out a window at the house next door and these white people kept coming to the windows and staring at me.  Not "white people" like caucasian but white, just no coloration in their skin or hair or clothing.  Three or so of them would come up at a time and stare with wide-open eyes and mouths, then they'd turn away and three more would come to a different window and my entire body tensed in silent screams.  

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rachelise said...

dreams can be a bitch. torment. i dream about zombies a lot. sometimes you can control your dreams. sometimes i don't know if i was drunk or dreamed something. often, maybe.