Sunday, September 7, 2008


After some bizarre "classes" in incomplete rooms placed randomly in an outdoor park, one of which filled with water, I flitted off for an adventure with confidence.
It was suddenly a New York-type city and I entered this skyscraper and took an elevator way up to an "Art College."  But the art college was more like a secret clan or something because I knew I wasn't supposed to be there.  Everyone was immensely classy and knew what they were doing, and I almost ran away but a thin, dark-haired girl approached me enthusiastically and said "You must be Sarah!" and before I could stop myself I went along with it and got a name tag.  Apparently a girl with my exact name was supposed to be there and hadn't shown up.  I was seated at a table and given expensive food, while an older man talked to me about my credentials and I lied and lied and lied, waiting for my chance to escape.  Whenever I took a bite of the food I somehow bit off way too much and felt like an idiot trying to chew the giant mouthful.  
Finally, when I thought attention was off of me, I bolted for the elevators, but they all had strange signs I didn't understand, so I found the stairs and started sprinting down the spiral staircase, desperate to escape.  I passed a woman holding a baby who cackled, "You think the walls aren't transparent?  They can see you!" and she just laughed and laughed but I somehow made it through the foyer and onto the front steps of the building, where I woke up.  

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