Monday, September 22, 2008


all I really want is a tattoo.  I've been wanting another for years, and it was my "summer goal" before I lent out and spent the hundreds, woosh, there it goes, poor, destitute, no cable, leeching internet.  
I have this notion that I'll feel much better once I get it.
I will.
My computer's really hot on my lap.
I haven't eaten today.
Whaaaaat.  This is stupid, shut up sarah.

Good news: My J-Candy order has shipped!  :D  Minus the Green Pea Pretz and Gummy Ramune! D:  It's okay, though.  I told them to just cancel things that were unavailable and it saves me some $$z ("dollaz").


rachelise said...

man i go crazy(er) if i don't eat. and yes this is improper spellage.

rachelise said...
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hedonista said...

It is the stupidest thing; I usually just have coffee all day until after work because procurement of food is such a "hassle." But I had to finish homework before I could make dinner so WOO I was feeling it.