Sunday, September 14, 2008


I have two weeks to myself, let's see how long it takes before I get trapped in a mind-vortex and never return.

I've been having what I call "random lucid memories" lately, and it's something I've not experienced before.  For the past few weeks certain triggers will set off these memories in my head -- a smell, a location, a song, the way the light hits something, a word, etc. -- and I'm suddenly flooded with something from my past I haven't thought about in years, like weathered flotsam beaching itself briefly on the shores of my mind.  
It's different, though, than just remembering something.  It consumes me for a moment, like I sort of mentally "walk into" the vision and can bring up details and textures and emotions.  I usually enjoy them briefly then move on, but I'm feeling increasing pressure to collect them, somehow, as they slip away.  
I just wonder if this is normal, and adulthood is a slow catalogue.  Maybe everybody's life replays for them in this form, and it speeds up as you near death.  

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