Sunday, December 7, 2008


this is a blog post
last night i got drunk after not being able to focus on writing papers and fighting epically with my boyfriend and decided that i should punch myself in the face
it signifies being about to explode
it felt so good, didn't leave any marks but the feeling of my knuckles popping against my jaw, and how sore and stiff it is today
i know things will be fine in the future but i'd rather they be fine now
it felt so good to feel something
or maybe as i sometimes suspect i really need to wallow in my own dramatic shit once in awhile
it felt so good felt so good felt so good felt so good felt so good
this is where i do it, i wish i could only post "impressive" things for people to read and like keep it a polished, creative space like others do, 
ain't how i roll
on the verge of something here, my life feels like it's rotting


rachelise said...

2 pages down, 13 to go...

rachelise said...

the link and the comment are not connected, in case i confuse. the comment is about my paper due tomorrow.