Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Rachael, I had a dream you were in:

We were with some group of people for a party or something, and shopping, and we suddenly had to choose our own teacups for tea.  So we're frantically looking at all of these teacups of varying sizes, colors, and materials, and I can't find one I like, they're either too small or too delicate or I think I can find a better Chinese dragon one that I like more.  And you've already found your teacup, and are standing over it like a mother hen, and I'm all "Hey which one do you have?" and I reach for it but it's made of paper, and it collapses under my hand, and you're mad at me.

The end.  

That wasn't the end of the dream, but the part you were in.  The rest of it was very complicated with skinheads in the next apartment cutting a hole in the wall to talk to me, and getting evicted the next day and going on a rampage.  The earth getting cut in half, not the whole sphere but all the land one one hemisphere going away and giant killer whales living in that part.  Incense.  Meeting on the lawn to gossip about old poetry teachers, who now live in a box of ashes.

I have an interview today for the Oxford thing.  I was told it's pretty informal, yay.

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rachelise said...

I'm so mad at you for crushing my paper teacup. Let's party like it's 1999.