Monday, December 15, 2008


This morning at around 6 there were sirens outside, loud, that didn't doppler off into the distance but instead built a mighty crescendo then stopped abruptly, at one of the houses my building faces.  This woke me up and I was groggily peering out the window at the odd world that's been going on while I was sleeping, I hate how everything is still so sharp and clear when you wake up (it makes me uneasy, like I've missed something).  
They wheeled a body out into the ambulance but didn't go anywhere for about half an hour, red and blue lights still dancing violently over the neighborhood, dissipating into eerie northern lights on my foggy window.
I say "body" because they didn't go anywhere for half an hour.  

Something I don't remember experiencing before happened in the dream I had later this morning, I was with a large group filing into a funeral at a church and was just getting to my seat and the pastor or whatever started greeting the congregation and saying "Now, bow your heads and pray, pray, praaaaay, praaaaaaay" in this low monotone and when I woke up it was my phone ringing on vibrate.
You always see that in movies, where something in a dream is just a noise in real life you're misinterpreting, but like I said I can't remember it happening before.

The phone call was a lady I work with, who couldn't find my hours from last week.  I had given them to her and she had put them in the back of a manila envelope on her computer; I know this because she showed me she put them there.  
Rather than explain where she showed me she put them I just told her that's where I put them.  
White lies.

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