Saturday, December 27, 2008

dream (sorry)

Trapped in a compound of some kind but not altogether worried because I know that people on my "team" had escaped before and left the route open; it wasn't hard.  I make it to the utility-type room and gingerly scale the stacked miscellaneous furniture to the vent in the ceiling where I escape to the roof and slide down.  I run to my car (which, for some reason, is parked in the parking lot of the compound), I quite suddenly hear and see who I've been running from, and in the dream she's a girl I grew up with and I have no idea how she came into this dream or why.  She's on the roof coming after me and fucked with my car, though, and Little Honda will barely start, making all kinds of terrible noises, but finally I get the engine running and I look over and see the girl's car right next to mine, and I make the split-second decision to hop out and empty the air from two of her tires with my key.  She's laughing and yelling and it's getting louder and I'm panicking and trying to speed away but all of these agents are driving at me suddenly and I have to veer around them, and at this point the dream pretty much turned into MarioKart and I woke up.  

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