Sunday, December 21, 2008

time enough

There's a big part of me that wishes I could just be a housewife, because there is time to pursue the domestic arts.  
To marinate a steak and a chicken breast.
To go to the store and buy salsa and tortillas.
To soak and cook the black beans.
There is time enough to re-fry the beans!
(The term "refried beans" is misleading, as they are only fried once
tonight, in bacon fat
with a minced clove of garlic and a splash of vinegar
[as i do not have lemon juice]
there is time to eat the superfluous bacon 
lowly, with one's fingers, on the couch,
while watching BBC documentaries on atheism.)
There is time enough while the beans are cooking
to smoke on the porch 
and read The Neverending Story
in short, cold bursts. 

I am my own Henry Bernis
my bomb is christmas
and my broken glasses the necessity
of cyclical work and play.
And it's- it's- it's not 
it's not 
it's no-no-not

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