Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The lake is cracking like gunshots again.

A professor once told my class that humans feel most at ease in their homes when they are on a hill, facing water.  

to be a pigeon on a mosque
to be a dove on a cathedral
to be a goose in the gale, crying for my fa-mi-ly
oh to be a gull 
oh, oh to be a gull to be a gull to be a 
gull gull gull
to be a cigarette, spent, out the carwindow
a decapitated snake! of sparks!

this is my body it
wants to be alive see it is
healing itself

may i please, may i please if you don't mind
i'd like to touch 
i will be reverent and emotional
i will treat things
with proper reverence and emotion
just promise you won't look me
in the eyes
i spook easy
is all

it's fine to not matter
if it's not at all

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