Thursday, December 4, 2008

thinking aloud

This morning I woke up and my first thought was "I NEED TO GO ABROAD."

So this morning I applied for UNL's "Nebraska at Oxford" 4-week summer program.  I apparently missed the deadline by a few days, but figured I'd try anyway since the deadline is different on different pages of the site (some say november, some say december).  
I don't know why England, the dates (July15-August15 09) fit so well, english-speaking country, maybe I was thinking about how cute Simon Pegg is.  I've never even talked to someone who's done this program.  Will it be a bunch of homely folk who quote Douglas Adams and Eddie Izzard and Monty Python nonstop?  
I don't know if I made the deadline, or if I'll even get accepted.  Are these programs usually academically rigorous screenings, or does the university realize it's kind of a jack-off "I want to travel" thing for students?   
I don't know how I'd afford it, I'd have to ask my parents, or get a loan.  They've paid for my sister to go to portugal and christian concentration camp in florida, so.  If I get accepted I really kind of want to do this, unless someone tells me it's horrible or something.
I need a passport.

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