Saturday, December 6, 2008

i can't get anything done

Why did I sleep so late?

Why can't I seem to accomplish anything that is an important step toward my future?  

Why did I dream about seducing a brown-skinned boy who kissed me too hard and I said "no, softer, softer," gently, until he listened?  I am not really attracted to younger men in real life.  I feel somewhat maternal toward them, though, which may be why I was instructing.  They are so awkward, so self-absorbed; such foreign creatures.  
But then, everyone is kind of a strange beast to me.


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Anonymous said...

Sarah, I my recent thoughts relate to many of your post's thoughts. I woke up late, keep forgetting things to possibly fuck up my future, and I've been kind of, though maybe differing from your decision on the fact, delighted at the thought of younger men. I would say something about the dream I had last night that related to yours but I'm kind of skittish right now to focus. That's all! That's all I'm sayin'!

- Rebecca