Tuesday, November 25, 2008

what the

Seriously?  The twenty-fifth?  Where the hell have I been?  Why did I sleep so late?  Why haven't I done homework or been to class?  What is wrong?  
Apparently I'm in some kind of "wake me with the holidays are over" pit of quicksand.  I don't know what the fuck.  I can't do this.  Again.  

Can I turn in five final projects that are just like a tiny bottle of tequila taped to a single sheet of paper upon which I have carefully typed:
"I am really a very clever and interested person but I just cannot deal with this bullshit at this time.  I could, had I the mental wherewithal left, write a decently compelling and grammatically proper paper that wholly suits your requirements.  We both know this, but let's just skip that run-around, shall we?"        
I just stared at my vertical blinds as they gently waved in a pattern of hypnotizing shades for way too long.  

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