Monday, November 3, 2008

I love nielsen

A couple months ago, the Nielsen TV Ratings people sent my "household" a survey that included two dollar bills, "advance compensation" for filling out the short, general survey about your television viewing habits.  
I thought "Wow, nice, sure I'll fill this thing out since they sent me two bucks and all."  And I did.  In the following weeks I received a couple phone calls from what Google revealed to be the Nielsen survey people again.  I never answered, mostly because my instinct when I see a number I don't know is to let it go to voicemail because "aah fuck who the fuck is calling me what do they want aaaah (puts phone under pillow)."  
So, I thought I was done with them until today, when I received a large envelope addressed to "Cool People" (the name I put in on the website when I filled the survey out).  Inside was a kind, informative letter to "Cool," a TV Viewing Diary to fill out over the next week, and $30 cash.

Now I am all like contemplating a career in telling people what television shows I watch.  Can this be done?  I would be very skilled at this work as I have been practicing for most of my life.  
Anyway, thank you kind Nielsen folk.    

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