Monday, November 24, 2008


I didn't want to go to class today, anyway, but my head hurts like damnnnn and it feels good, for myself, to have a reason why I'm not there.  Besides general laziness.  I think it's mostly concentrated behind my left eye, which is now blurry.  The headache.  
I thought it was later than this.  My first class actually starts right... now.   I'm going to be killing myself with guilt by the end of the day.  I always am.  

Not everything is so tragic, it just feels that way.  In the morning.  Before coffee and cigarette.  I don't know where my midwestern work ethic goes.  I don't know how writing a one-paragraph project proposal becomes such a task by the simple fact that you don't give a fuck.  "Emily Dickinson was a lady who wrote some words."  I wonder if she feels her bones being picked by the clumsy hands of millions of american students.  I just die when I'm misinterpreted, and when I get all vague and bizarre it's not an uncommon occurrence.  And... you know.  You're here with me, I know that.  You understand.  

I want to hide for awhile but I can't, I need to but there's no place to go.  This headache is working out let's see about that coffee here, thanks for this time, this time we shared together.  thank-you for reading.  

Update: Hahaha I totally fucking forgot I don't even have one of my classes, today.

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