Friday, November 28, 2008

some xmas list-time:

Or: a list of ridiculous frivolities I will not receive for xmas:

· tattoo

· Achewood books, any of them, all of them, specifically the cookbook.  I would also gladly receive and frequently wear a "Stoned Lightning" t-shirt.

· tattoo, it will probably be around $350?

· These hanging horn designs, in 7/16".  

· Additionally, these, probably in clear.  Also these.  


· A number of kitchen-type things, from a good knife set to a toaster oven that is not from the past and constantly in danger of bursting into flames.  Food processor/blender, tea pot, french press, rice/pressure cooker, crock pot, nice le creuset dishware, a real goddamn skillet, cutting boards, silpat/silicone baking implements, cookie sheet, containers, etc.

· Kitty things: a fountain, a solidly built play tree that doesn't look like total ass, or at least a new sisal scratching post.  

· This, in topaz.  It's on (deep breath) saaaaaaaaaaaaale.  There's no chart for the sizes on the site though so I don't know what the fuck.

· Drying Lotion or Buffering Lotion from here.  Quickly now before my skin frightens the children.

· Tattoo, please.

There, fantasy time is over for now.

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