Sunday, November 2, 2008

The chili pepperis the fruitof the plants fromthe genus Capsicum, whichare members ofthe nightshade family

Ain'othin' that makes one feel attacked by one's own stupidity more than touching your eyes with pepper hands.  I made soup, whose ingredients included chicken and black beans and rice but also included bell peppers and chilis, and I thought I washed my hands well enough but taking out my contacts almost made me scream.
(Then blissful, drunken sleep.)
Then I woke up, having forgotten last night's ordeal, and popped in my right contact lens to blistering hell pain.  Once that died down and I could kind of see through my bloodshot, tear-filled squint-gap, I decided to repeat the same process with the other eye.  

I am filthy.
The cats are hungry.
I can't pay my electricity because I didn't get paid this week.  I hope they don't shut it off.