Thursday, November 20, 2008

this professor

keeps sending e-mails basically urging me to drop his "Film Directors" class I'm in next semester.
Warning repeatedly how difficult it will be, etc.  
It's kind of working.
I just wanted to learn about Jean-Luc Godard, and have words to describe the way I love film.  
I'm wondering if A. would maybe do an independent poetry study with me instead.  Or would that be even more terrifying?

I'm out of coffee filters.  My stomach is eating itself in protest.  


rachelise said...

you should study only films that a has made.
also, say to professor "it's because i'm a woman that you're telling me this, isn't it?"
it's good. so good.

justin ryan fyfe said...

to which they would respond, its not because youre a woman, its because you dont have a penis.

rachelise said...

one needs a penis to properly understand films. it's just a fact of life. a lesser known fact is that the penis doesn't have to be attached to you. but it can't be attached to anyone else. i think we know what i'm getting at.

justin ryan fyfe said...


Anonymous said...

if it's marco abel i believe that he does this for all of his classes. film directors is not that hard.

hedonista said...

It is Abel, and that's what I figured but I'm kind of in that "fuck schoolwork" state of mind.
I can do it.
I am a powerful lady.
With a big dick.

JESS!CA said...

Let it be known: i do not have a penis and i totally understand film!

Don't drop your marco class!