Thursday, November 20, 2008

feel quite clean

I don't have anything to say, but here I am.
I'm pretty good at thinking on the fly.  It's what college teaches you; college, to me, has two separate spheres of learning: Personal and, since I can't think of anything clever, Public.  Personal learning is what a person actually, actively absorbs in a class.  Public is the ability to make the instructor/university believe you learned what they think you should have learned.
I forgot where I was going with this.

I'm pretty irritated at having been signed up by my professor for a one-on-one conference 20 minutes before my class would have normally started.  It is a small annoyance.

This morning-time is the only time I've had alone for awhile.  
Don't read this: I am fat and horrible and fat and I hate myself. 
I'm sorry, had to get the girl feelings out.  In other girl news, it's been about two weeks since I've put on makeup.  Additionally, I do not care.  Not in a flippant, "makeup is for cunts" sort of way, but in a simple, uncaring manner.  

I watched Grindhouse in HD last night and had forgotten how good etc.  It is the last movie(s) I saw in the theatre.     

This is boring.  You're bored.


rachelise said...

i reserved a hotel last night because there's a 59 dollar special at magnolia in omaha. but i had been drinking, and i reserved this friday instead of next friday. and then i had two reservations for awhile. but i think i am all good and canceled for now/reserved for next week. watching grindhouse in hd sounds maybe more exciting...

hedonista said...

Hotel madness!
Why are you hotelling next weekend?
Also wtf is going on with today and tomorrow work party what?

rachelise said...

we decided on a mini-vacation the friday night after thxgiving. since hotel was cheap. and we're not eating turkey flesh together. i mean that place is usually like a hundred dollars more than that. and we can hit up happy hour at the melting pot!

as for party...i have no idea !!!

rachelise said...

hey, i guess sushi will be friday afterall