Thursday, November 20, 2008


Went to the "Female O" talk.
There was a group of squirrely-lookin' dudes sitting in front of me who never took their sunglasses off, and would conspicuously high-five each other every time something saucy was said.  
Mostly I watched the girl with long ash-blonde hair sitting in front of me as she carefully ripped her program into perfect strips with pearl-painted fingernails.  I don't know how she was doing it.  It was amazing.

The female presenter asked girls (in the "girl-only" part) to talk about their first orgasm.  Only one girl shared (pool jet).  

Mine is weird but it went down like:
I was around 13, sleeping, like you do, and dreamed I was in a forest, all dark and teal-green with motes of light drifting around.  I was sort of flying and I zoomed in to this one enormous tree with tangled, exposed roots, and there was a woman reclined there, beautiful and pale, with long hair, and she looked up at me with big, empty anime eyes and then my vision went all short-circuit and I woke up well, you know.  

There you have it.


rachelise said...

so glad you wrote this

alexis said...

I dreamed I was laying on the bottom of a pool and a woman with long flowing hair was floating at the surface over me. When she was directly above me, blocking out the sun, she would descend quickly towards me but right before she was close enough to touch it would start over again, repeating faster and faster until...

I thought only boys had this experience.