Monday, February 27, 2012

viscid ingenue

there are canny tests --
the data is slavering.

     it's not what you can make
     but what you can bear.

built a fourteen-ton typewriter out of
soak rags and car parts,
             -- you can use it but i can't
be here all day to help you key hop
                your recipe for a napalm sugarboil.

to avoid getting pinched
drink glass marbles in milk,
disguise self as a semicolon,
                       or, demurely, demi-.
stay under the gossamer tarpaulin.
tape those nipples --
perma slick.
nestle in Lt ripley's heaving ribs,
tongue battery temple,
                         bob for apple sacs.
apropos our scopophiliac
                        less mirror! -- more mirage!

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