Thursday, February 23, 2012

jonny poem

my best bastard
sprung from
devil town

saw you a
baby nest eagle
in cedar

when beatrice sunk into
the graphite of our
bone pencils

grown-ass now and howl
proud pale sequin eyed
screams like laughter
and blue grass hustle

the rivers
the rivers
the slide fiddle rivers
of shitty liquor and
rogue shadow medicine dust
dismantled the other kids
left us to leave and return and leave
the corroded rodeo junkyard junction
so sad you could just write a song
about how it feels to be
lighter and heavier and alive
grinning bigger than the sky

hey sturdy fencepost i love you
i'll keep tracking your miles
and you keep clocking my luck cause
blood never made a truer brother


sars said...

dear jon, thanks for letting me be a bro

sars said...

dear jon, thanks for never being my shitty boyfriend

sars said...

dear jon, i wish i could write you better poems, i will work on this

sars said...

things i need to stop writing about: bones, blood, howling, teeth

JESS!CA said...

dear sars, the line hey sturdy fencepost i love you brought a coupla tears to mine eyes. i hope jonny's read this :)