Monday, February 20, 2012


i started dreaming again
mostly i'm in houses
demanding information from
smiling people

how did i get like this
which of my actions

did you
feel like you were better
at flying off mountains
than climbing them

was listening to buddy holly and realized
i've never been in love with brown eyes
someone who had them, i mean

just a bunch of seas and snakes
and frank o'hara skies
i guess, sorry bud

lesson 1: stay in the saddle

lesson 1.5: be true be true be true

in high school we got keychains
i didn't do drugs
but i had a buddy holly keychain
and put safety pins through my wrist skin
and i once stood on a table at lunch
just stood
until the principal demanded me down,
told my parents i was on drugs

and i was like where's my fucking breakfast club


mandibles said...


sars said...

o you have brown eyes

sha la la~

fatally born said...

la la means
love you.