Friday, February 10, 2012

tree poem

i am never lighter than when i hold tight onto a tree,
press my head close and feel the strong fiber circles
plunge down
deep; syrupy wet cellulose. 
it can be still and safe then.
pull smooth green bark twigs to my lips; consider
quietly with my tongue;
whisper hi, hi, hi, hi,
                                        tell me about being

all the mom voices on the phone are almost crying,
want to be crying but won't, i absorb them
into my black hole of holding
whatever hurts.


PHC said...


sars said...

fuckin tree poem

justin ryan fyfe said...

nice tree poem. prob should be all caps.

sars said...

will consider.

JESS!CA said...

this makes me think so hard of the whispering your secrets into the tree hole and then covering them away. WONG KARRRRRRR WHYYYYYYYYYY <3<3

sars said...

i actually just wrote a poem about that too :3

sars said...

this one is about how i like to touch/bite trees irl though