Saturday, January 24, 2009


Is there some remote possibility that I am actually retarded.

Why is my Degree Audit telling me I need to take another "Human Behavior"-type class.  And that the majority of the classes I'm in this semester are "Electives" I don't need.  I thought I... what.  Did I miss this somehow?  What the FUCK are "IS Courses?"  How was I so positive I was on top of everything and signing up for the right shit last semester?  Freaking out here.  

I think I am going to cry.
This is a "feel sorry for me" post.  

I am just discovering that I apparently need only one "humanities" course, to get jan to drop my "intro to english" requirement, to basically just say what my focus and minor are.  And then done.  Except: I need two more "IS Courses" (what) and 14 more hours at the university total.

What the FUCKKKK what do I do

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