Friday, January 2, 2009


When jmillz cut kenny's hair I stole a piece ("a lock"), I don't know why, because I'm weird, because it was so pretty in dark ringlets on the linoleum, because I wanted to steal a piece of his spirit.  Whatever.  Anyway, it's been tucked safely in my checkbook but it apparently escaped this week, as every time I reach into my purse whatever I pull out is trailed by strands of kenny-hair.  I am not so much disturbed by having a purse full of someone else's hair as I am by my apparent indifference to this fact.  I should clean it out, but I need a new purse anyway and it may be the excuse that finally pushes me to it.  

Went to the doctor today (annual exam), hung-over as fuuuuck because I'm not good at planning.  I both love and hate going to the doctor; it makes me quiver with anxiety but also I love the sterile safety of it, and the ladies tending to you with gentle efficiency and pretty, manicured nails.    

I ain't been writing much, I often just want a break from mental activity lately.

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