Sunday, January 11, 2009

school days, fool days

Just a note for myself, mostly for memorization purposes, so I can start to get organized.  

Monday: Film Directors · 11:00-12:15, Andrews 102
Tuesday: Medieval & Ren. Writers · 11:00-12:15, Andrews 19
 Westerns · 1:30-4:40, Ross Theatre 123
Wednesday: Film Directors · 11:00-12:15 And. 102
Japanese & Asian Cinema · 1:30-4:40, Ross Theatre 123
Thursday: Medieval & Ren. Writers · 11:00-12:15 And. 19
   Writing of Poetry (Hawley) · 2:30-4:50, Andrews 129

Monday 1:00-5:00
"Oh fuck what's going on here I got confused, I have no time.  Maybe work like 8-10:30 Wednesday?  Shit."
Friday whenever

Things to be done:
Get backpack/notebook/pens/etc. in working order.  
Queue up films for Film Directors in Netflix.
Read syllabi that have been posted.
Drop stupid other poetry class I'm not actually taking.
Get override form from Canfield 107 to get official in Hawley's class.
Buy new little notebook for planner.
Buy/organize 3-ring binders for each class that I will probably neglect anyway.
Buy books.

My schedule is actually kind of awesome.  Except for the work thing; I guess when I was working this out last week I forgot about my earlier class on Wednesday.  I'm also sad I'm not taking Latin this semester (again), and that part of my brain has atrophied to almost nothing.  I just have this like hourglass of gems in my head labeled "English Credits Until You Can Graduate" and I've parceled them out so carefully that there's no room for anything else.  Maybe if I'm still stuck in Lincoln next fall semester I'll just take it by itself.  
I need to teach myself some film terminology today.
I am craving deviled eggs.  Or.  Vinegar?
I am going to be okay.  

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