Monday, January 25, 2010


I had one of the dreams where I was driving through a big city trying to find my exit. The highway system was like a level of sonic the hedgehog, with signs everywhere pointing to vastly different cities, Denver, San Francisco, Baltimore, like I was at the center of everything. The hills became steeper and steeper though my speed never lessened and soon on the way down the hills the car became weightless and me weightless in it and my organs weightless in me like a lava lamp. I couldn't deal with the vertical hills anymore so I pulled off on an exit and got on my bicycle, which promptly flew off the raised highway and got stuck in some scaffolding. I froze with fear and vertigo and reached for it, crying. An old fat man with a beard came and yelled at me to get it and I just clung (clinged) to the pole like luke skywalker screaming, "I'm too scared, I'm afraid of heights, I'm too scared."

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