Monday, January 11, 2010

good things about today

the walk to get an orange soda at the soda machine and feeling so at home in my neighborhood in the sun-shine and the panaderia smelling so so good and wishing i had brought enough money for a churro all the way home

a dog is such a good thing; my dog,* a dog that looks and listens and responds so attentively. Dogs give hugs that I can't ask other people for, or when I receive the hugs from people they are often limp and ashamed. I touch my dogs and feel us genetically intertwined, since the earliest people had trash heaps that attracted the most sympathetic wolves. You can talk with your mouth or your body and they listen, and learn, and remember, and seek you out and watch with eyes that don't harbor secrets. I know this sounds like some kind of FWD from your grandfather with a picture of yellow labrador puppies like pudding in a basket, but these are my feelings. Regarding dogs. When I visit my parents' home the dog I raised from a puppy just butts her head into me and whimpers and cries and writhes under my loving hands. She does this for no-body else but me.

this does not negate my love for cats but man, dogs, my dogs.

*i have always thought this could be why many people who have never owned dogs claim not to like dogs. It is a very different thing, "a dog" vs. "my dog."

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uncanny, the lemonest potato said...

substitute a couple of words and this sounds exactly like a confederate pamphlet justifying slavery!