Saturday, January 9, 2010

have an inappropriate saturday story

With everyone trapped inside with each other I've been hearing more stories from my friends about hearing their neighbors fucking, or being heard fucking by neighbors, etc.

Sometimes I hear my neighbors. I regard it pretty fondly, imagining who it is and what kind of sex they're having (presumably, decent). Today I thought I heard cries in my building and stopped by the door to lean against the crack and listen. At this point I became very aware that I was actually listening to the female vocalist of my downstairs neighbor's gospel music.

And then "saw myself," standing at the door, leaning with rapt curiosity to hear my neighbors fucking, and I felt creepy. Real... creepy.

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Anonymous said...

The neighbors above us have a two-year-old girl who has been sick lately, and therefore quite cranky. My fiance and I hear her cry every now and then, but nothing intolerable. Yesterday we were leaving as our upstairs neighbors were coming home. The mom asked us if their daughter had been too loud. I replied no, and whatever, kids can't help being sick.

But what I really wanted to say was... we never hear you doing it and that's a bit weird. Do you hear us?

-K (everyday a poem)