Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i am

how to become a rocket.
I am how to keep going up
the stairs and up.
I am how to make you love me.
I am how I become whole,
a slow becoming, I am
how to swell with juice the fruit
and I am how to drink the juice as well.
I am how a man in the hallway,
singing vamos vamos te amo te amo te amo,
he cuts and stomps the carpet.  
I am how to keep going.
I am how to sit very still and watch
for color and mise en scéne.  
I am how quick bites and slow licks,
tomorrow I am how tomorrow,
as I am how yesterday, I am how today
as well.  I am how to eat with chopsticks.
I am how grape becomes wine.  
I am how to know what but not when.
I am how you are we are steady, let's be okay.

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