Sunday, February 1, 2009

awkward situation

When your mom is picking you up to go look at an apartment, and you sprint out of your building and see a woman with long hair (like your mom's), sitting in a silver car (like your mom's) right in front where your mom always parks when she comes by, and you run up to it, open the door, say "Hi!" and attempt to get in before hearing a woman's voice go "Wrong car I think!" and look up to see a complete stranger, whose car you are attempting to enter, while your mother is laughing hysterically in the next car.  
Also, dropping a piece of paper in the strange woman's car, making her come back and give it to you.


I got all kinds of things crossed about this apartment, though.  Pleasepleasepleaseplease.  I feel like I should be burning incense at a shrine or divining from the entrails of a sparrow.  

Update: Got the apartment, ma.  Francine here I come.  Mine, bitches.

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