Thursday, February 26, 2009


going well, my mind's a little too obtuse, I'm a little displaced.
I won't have internet at the new apartment until ??? next week.  I don't understand why tv/phone/internet companies feel it's necessary to rape you so hard.  I'm talking about fees and "necessary" add-ons.  Aren't they basically providing essential service now?  I don't care for your business practices, media conglomerate.  When is this nation-wide free wifi going to vibrate directly into our brains.  

In my new mailbox there were lady catalogs and an invitation to a stranger's baby shower.  It's so jarring to consider the life of a rental dwelling; This place was someone's before.  The place I was will be someone else's.  I have to go back and finish grabbing the last few miscellaneous things from my old place, then clean it all.  I am dreading this so much it makes me quivery and nauseous.  How do you deal with seeing the past two and a half years of your life revert to tabula rasa? 
I become terribly attached.  To this and that, to everything.  One of my many great flaws is perhaps an abundance of fondness.     

Hermit crabs.  

I'm kind of retarded lately.  I need to settle.

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