Wednesday, February 4, 2009

black squirrel

The most exciting thing about my day was seeing a little black squirrel while I was walking through the below-ground-level sculpture garden next to Sheldon.  He was alternating between eating up seeds on the ground under a tree and sitting upright on the concrete bench next to it looking silky and alert.  I sat down on my knees a few feet away and made noises at him because I am an idiot.  It made him nervous but he didn't run away.  He basically looked exactly like this (sans peanut):

I guess they are pretty common elsewhere but I've never seen one in nebraska before.  

If you ever move to another bioregion with me be prepared to see me run around for at least a week in a childlike trance, staring at the local flora and fauna.  

I have to write too much shit tonight.  My wrist is giving me that "hey why don't you google 'carpal tunnel'" feeling again already.  

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what said...

there are tons of white squirrels residing in beautiful loring park, minneapolis. you've been warned.