Thursday, April 2, 2009


I was born wired
to shockbuzz and bristle
at the sight of a snake in the grass.
I can temper myself to the 
notion of maggots, 
"important ecological component,"
"kind of like baby bees,"
but when confronted with a frothy mass
things get confusing;
Are they gorging on rotten meat,
or boring through the soft flesh of my cheek?
Every fear is a superfluity of staying alive.
The beesy bees soothe me with their
beeswax and honey and smoke-addled drone.
Fruit and grain left too long 
warm and fulfill in tricky ways, tricky tricky
sticky liquor, a fine and funny friend.
If I said I could know you by the smell of you,
the way my hips know they need to move
like a sweet polleny buttercup to a bee bee bee...
What if I bristled and drank and said I could know you
by the smell of you?    

This bitch in the next cubicle in the stacks won't shut the fuck up about how blackout drunk she got and roommate drama whine whine whine I'm thinking about ripping a loud fart, one like you can tell is totally on purpose, just for fun.  
Oh cooool now she and her boyfriend are kissing and whispering a lot.

Oops I forgot to register for fall semester.
Okay that's done, rock and roll.  Pretty sure I'll be done at the end of it.

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JESS!CA said...

i rully liked this pome