Wednesday, April 15, 2009

this place

There is a sunflower seed stuck under my "T" key.


That was me trying to get it out.  I think it's gone now.  

Coconut Milk & Ginger Iced Cream.

I don't really like talking about my "feelings" here anymore it's not safe, not a safe place.  Scrutinies.    
Let's talk about 
things I did and

I just picked five Westerns from the 1980s to write a paper on for Tuesday.  I will be watching a lot of Westerns this weekend.  I tried to get a "variety:"  Straight to Hell, The Last Days of Frank and Jesse James (starring Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, & Willie Nelson!?), Pale Rider, The Long Riders (I may change this one), and Man From Snowy River (Australian lovey Western I watched a lot as a child).  
Go Go Netflix Go.

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K.J. Hascall said...

Add to your Western watching: Lonesome Dove, High Noon, and Dances With Wolves.