Saturday, April 18, 2009

window go home

Window Kitty won't go away.  S/he started visiting last week, coming by way of roof to my window to peer curiously inside and enrage my two cats, sweet and loving and dumb.  Window Kitty loves to be petted, and I am a sucker.  It seems like s/he has a home, not bony or very dirty.  S/he came back tonight and I said hello, gave him/her a treat, laughed at my cats' hissing and general worryworting through the screen.  Now Window's just sitting out there, occasionally staring in sadly at me.  I keep saying "Go home, Window."  S/he's laying right outside the screen right now, I can SEE YOUR EARS, GO ON, GIT.    

Today I went to the zoo.  It was wonderful.  

I have taken up the harmonica.   I will keep you updated on whether this mild obsession continues to fruition.   

Now I have to watch some crazy neo-western that stars Courtney Love.  If that bitch had an ounce'a'class I'd admire her spirit.  (She doesn't.)

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carlinthemarlin said...

Window kittie is adorable. The best was when your cats started hissing out of each other because the there was just so much hissing going on that they got confused.