Saturday, October 11, 2008


Pinching yourself with the pads of your fingertips hurts more than pinching with nails.  
I say "yourself" because I'm assuming that when you pinch yourself to see if you're awake your fingers instinctively try not to do much damage.  Nails could probably fuck a body up more if you were trying to hurt someone.

Edit, Memory:  In third grade I got to thinking it was a funny thing to scratch people with my nails, like it made me powerful and interesting and I was way too into animals or something, I don't really know why.  We used to touch each other so easily then.  Anyway, because of this my teacher had to sit down and have a talk with the class in a move of kindness and cruelty (I can't face one-on-one confrontations with authority without feeling deeply disturbed; The whole class know who she was talking about.).  We then had to watch a terrifying video about AIDS (what the fuck?  I don't think it specifically said "scratching someone" was dangerous but I remember feeling like I was a potential AIDS-spreader.  It was awful.) and have a talk about it, and I felt really weird because my good friend kept saying "sex," not just to say "sex" but asking questions about the video which explained how you could get AIDS , and man it made me so uncomfortable that she was saying that word.  The video was by that creepy fucking guy who would wear skin-tight bodysuits often colored nude with a single system of the human body painted on.  I think he had a curly mullet.  

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