Wednesday, October 8, 2008


All the notebooks I use are slowly becoming covered in rough sketches of animals, mostly dogs.  I don't know why this habit comes and goes, but it usually happens when I'm feeling lonely or bored.  I'm not really too lonesome lately so I think it's just classes starting to drag and grate, and the two-day respite called "Fall Break" feels like a middle finger, but it's a fingering I'm looking forward to.  
I wish sometimes I'd gone to a college that had the three-week classes.  For three weeks, you take one or two classes, then you're done with that class.  It's the perfect amount of time, for me; summer classes (3 and 5 week) were a delight and a breeze.  I didn't get bored, and I didn't start staring at my each of my professors' every detail more and more and analyzing every little thing about them and wondering what they're like just chatting like with their boy-or-girlfriends and not making all like extra special eye-contact with you and speaking loudly and enthusiastically.  
I've thought about going into teaching at a higher level before but I just know that I'd start out all cheery go-getter at first then about three to five weeks in I would become bored and they'd find out how many shits I really give (few).  Are there any professors as cruel, lazy, and false as I would be?  I don't belong guiding anyone's future.
I went off a little, there.  Anyway: bored.  When I said I wasn't lonely earlier I didn't think to mention that way in which we're really always alone with ourselves, I got that hard.     

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