Wednesday, March 21, 2012

the most small and feeble start of a profound apology or similar

SO i had to grow my own--
i don't know
how to write this.
let me give it a go.

i couldn't claw into the picture
where you're a baby eating ice cream
and unmolest you.

i couldn't brick them in the face.
i mean -- in the fucking face.

told my friends i was sad
and they said "why"
so i stopped.

sorry about
my imperial ennui;
the time i clocked your jaw in dallas.

and my body has never felt like mine but
some guy told me i had
a gnarly soul.


sars said...

suck city, i don't know if i can write about this

sars said...

all i want to do is write it but my brain is like awash with numb in this rainscape or something

thanks for listening blog comment space

sars said...

fact: i can't stop thinking about the word "gnarly" now