Tuesday, March 13, 2012

coming lin g o i ng

i dreamed i went to stay in this abandoned barn in the country, to find it had been taken over by a violent gang of criminals who were hiding out there.  all ruddy faces and scraggle hair.  i did not really mind, and stayed with them for some time, exploring the old wood barn.  then, it was time for me go to, and all of the criminals had a small party for me where they gave me a gift and sang a song they had written for me in loud off-key voices.  the song lauded my kindness and gentleness, comparing me to a small bear in their den of bears.  i hugged each of them and it was strange to feel the different shapes of their large, sweaty torsos.  then i drove away with you and you were mad at me for something.
there are times when you enter violent new states during which you don't even get the hazy emptiness sleep offers.  you are so wholly drenched in the state that you're robbed of the few seconds when you wake up before you remember who you are.

it's not pain like usual that you can saddle and ride.  it's heavy black tentacles that reach up from the ground and wrap you and pull down hard.  distraction is the only balm until the clock catches up to your time warp to weird town.

i am marbled.  i am made of marbles.  they are lolling and clatter.  i'm too dry inside and too wet outside. 

you start thinking about all the coulds.  i could dye my hair coppery red.  i could.  i could just

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