Sunday, March 18, 2012

eliza frye - "Regalia"

this week i picked up Eliza Frye's "Regalia" at AlleyCat Comics in chicago, and read it on the bus ride home.  i really had a moment with this book (which she funded with a kickstarter i'm sad to have missed); it's a collection of eliza's short graphic stories and other tidbits, and they read like the enchanting "love letter" she purports the book to be.  i think she loves me.  there's one in particular about a tiger i felt jives with how i describe my dreams; her illustration style is strong and intoxicating, and makes me want to start drawing again.  anyway go buy it read it rub it on your skinnnnn

i will maybe talk about other lady comics i dig on here sometimes!  that sounds fun.  xxoo

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JESS!CA said...

talk about more comixxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

i think this would be a cool thing for your blog to do sometimes!