Thursday, December 31, 2009

when will the snow go away

If it weren't a breach of lawyer confidentiality law I'd start recording conversations I have with my boss. Not because they're particularly hilarious, just odd and funny to me.

"I'm gonna run off into the treacherous snow, Steve. I'll be here tomorrow."
"Well tomorrow is, as Scarlett O'Hara said, another day... another day in which there is four days' worth of work to do. But we persevere."
"At least the city isn't on fire."
"Indeed. And if it were, we could throw snowballs at it."

It is definitely time for me to find a new job. God, change.

Last night I dreamed I had to babysit my friend's baby, except in the dream it was this bald newborn infant. It was all floppy and I tried so hard to take care of it but kept accidentally knocking its head against things and slamming its fingers in doors and hurting it while carrying it around. It didn't cry or anything, but I could tell it was disappointed with me. Then I remembered that babies need to have their diapers changed, which I'd forgotten to do. The baby's clothing began to fill up with liquid shit, which oozed out the neck hole while I tried to find a clean place to change it.

This is much like the dream of bizarre responsibility I had a couple nights ago, where I had to get married, to a guy I knew in 6th grade but haven't seen since. It was an "arranged marriage" where the guy had to get married to inherit his father's business in Beatrice or something, and I agreed to for some reason. Throughout the dream I was trying to get ready for this wedding I was not at all excited for; it felt like some duty I agreed to commit to in apathetic martyrdom, because it was something to do. With a half hour to go before the wedding, I realized it was inappropriate to wear a short black dress.

Do not try to marry me or leave me near your children.

It's the last day of 2009, that's weird.

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