Wednesday, December 16, 2009

melatonin dreamin

My apartment was a half-rooftop affair and I was having a party. People came, among them a tall, stunning man with long dark hair and a necklace strung with fragments of human skull. He leered devilishly at me and said, "I have one question: Why didn't I take you to bed with me last night?" To which I responded with shy confusion, as I'd never met him before. He drew me in and tried to kiss me but I demurred and he pecked my unresponsive lips and held me tightly while I passively tried to show disinterest. Then I noticed his ears, which were stretched down to his shoulders but not just one hole, many in a row, like a flesh honeycomb full of beautiful inch-or-bigger plugs in ebony, bone, horn, and metal.

I went down the stairs of my apartment building, the walls were crumbling and everything was coated with dust. At the front door was the boy I really wanted to see, who kissed me once, then again and said, "Since I didn't kiss you last night." I went back to the party and he didn't, I guess, dreams are weird.

The next rooftop over was just an odd mess of scaffolding and platforms. An old bearded man in a wheelchair was precariously teetering around on it, artfully dribbling a basketball. We watched and gasped as he wobbled and cheered as he avoided falling; long-haired hippy girls danced and cackled.

A very short woman approached me with her even shorter child, like a doll, and demanded that I let her child take a shower. I crouched awkwardly to talk to her, then stood, feeling like I was being demeaning. "I don't know who you are!" I said, and she became indignant. "I didn't say she couldn't use my shower, I've just never met you and I don't know who you are," I said, plaintive. After her child presumably showered, the woman had turned into the woman from church who my mom basically forced me to babysit for once when I was young, the only time I've ever babysat, and it was horrible. She was mousy and extremely pious. The dream-woman felt bad for yelling at me and gave me DVDs of all of my favorite shows from adolescence to apologize.

That is all I remember enough to write. i know dreams are esoteric and not very interesting but f u it's my blooooogggggg~

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